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Not in the cloud yet?

IECISA presenta este Cuaderno de innovación como una guía a aquellas organizaciones que inician o quieren consolidar su camino hacia la nube o cloud computing.


Not in the cloud yet?

Scalability and Teleworking. Keys to migrating to the Cloud today

We have produced this Innovation notebook so that it can act as a guide for organisations that are beginning or that want to consolidate their journey to the cloud or cloud computing. A computing model that enables the technology provider to offer IT services over the internet, offering resources to clients on demand. A new way of using IT services with unquestionable benefits associated primarily to scalability, flexibility, a reduction in time to market, and shorter production lead times as the major driving forces of cloud adoption.

A now-unavoidable path, in which there are also barriers based on ignorance and on the need for initial investment. The difficulty of migration, particularly in infrastructures and systems, therefore lies in the significant resistance to change, and the adaptation does not begin until the user perceives the benefits and the purpose of maximising operations. But this transition takes time.

The integrator is key in helping manage and adopt the different services the cloud has to offer.
This document, which includes the work of experts from IECISA on cloud solutions and services who have covered many different projects with clients in all sectors, offers a Cloud Service Catalogue and general recommendations for organisations when starting or consolidating their ‘Journey to cloud’.


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