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Keys to driving sales in Automotive

Cuaderno IECISA nº 18 Claves para el impulso de las ventas en la Automoción


Keys to driving sales in Automotive

Towards a new online sales scenario where the user can control the digital experience

The reopening of all dealerships in Spain back in May, along with the grants approved by the Government under its Automotive Industry Promotion Plan, are now shedding a little light on the collapse in sales caused by the coronavirus crisis in Spain's third-largest industrial sector, after food and chemicals, and its leading export sector, with 80% of output being exported.

The grants included in the Renove 2020 scrappage scheme, which the dealerships' association defines as the "spearhead of the recovery", aim to stimulate sales which in April dropped by 96.5%, a decline which by June had improved to 36.7% compared with the same month in 2019. Activating output in Spain and promoting the replacement of older, more polluting vehicles are also among the objectives pursued by the Government with this scheme.

Underpinning digital channels to guarantee service and the handling of pending operations as quickly as possible was one of the recommendations made by Faconauto to address the effects of a pandemic that has not only led to the shutdown of factories, dealerships and garages, but has also accelerated the trend in purchasing habits towards the digital sphere. A change which means that companies and organisations have to understand and exploit the opportunities in this 'hyperconnected' environment, and that will likewise speed up the digital transformation of the automotive sector, which will be focusing on creating a distinctive experience in its online channel.

The advantages of investing in the customer journey

In this Innovation Booklet we consider the 'Keys to driving sales in Automotive', confirming that digital transformation is an opportunity within this process, given the clear benefits of investing in the customer journey.

For SAP CX Solution Architect Sandra Hevia, rather than online car buying, the focus is more on tools to generate demand, to understand your customer and acquire a 360° vision helping to sell and capture more. "All managed in accordance with European GDPR regulations, including the handling of the consent required to offer the brands' different services," she adds. According to a Google study, 92% of car buyers search online before they buy, making it essential to consider what needs to be done so as to interact with customers before they visit your dealership, during the initial stages of the purchase cycle.

Without digital signature the online cycle is broken

We also explore in greater depth the five keynotes in achieving a 100% digital financial sector. "Without digital signature the online cycle is broken," asserts Content Services Consultant Manuel Rama, going on to explain some of the services that will help financial institutions to move forward in their digital transformation. "We perform capture and content scoring by making use of ICR, intelligent character recognition, and specific technologies to validate ID cards so as to ensure the integrity of the information provided, as a straightforward swift and secure step as part of the credit approval process, sending out early alerts if necessary to rectify incidents without losing interaction with the customer".

Electronic signature services are also included courtesy of leading trusted third party solutions such as DocuSign and Evicertia, both recognised under eIDAS regulations and ensuring the utmost level of evidential value in transactions.

Why to be ‘100% digital’

In conclusion we ask the question: what does it mean to 'be digital'? "It means digital processes that provide agile, real-time functionality, including full and integrated customer information to satisfy their needs from the early stages of the purchase cycle, while furthermore also allowing customers to access the physical channel at any time," summarises Ana Isabel Encinas, Business Development Specialist in SAP solutions. "But if there is any stage of the process that cannot be performed digitally, then the organisation is not digital".

The IECISA 'Innovation Booklets' series covers a range of reports explaining how technology allows companies to evolve. Download our latest edition in which we show you how to achieve an agile response to supplement what physical channels traditionally offer, guiding customers towards digital contact with the salesperson to decide on their purchase, or otherwise accessing a digital channel directly to reserve and purchase products and services online.

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