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Business Transformation


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    Business Transformation
    22/ April/ 2020

IECISA will present on this event how it has dealt with the business transformation.

"Workplace Transformation. The response to Covid-19" is a virtual event, organized by IDG Research Service and Computerworld, to discuss how companies have to organize their workplaces as a consequence of the pandemic we are experiencing. The conference is a meeting point in which to analyze the challenges that IT departments have had to face to enable a new way of working. In addition, it aims to go ahead and give a future vision of the physical environment for when we get out of this crisis.

IECISA participates in the third block of this virtual event, the Business Transformation round table. It will take place from 12:25 to 13:15 and will feature Julio César Candil Cuevas, director of Intelligent Workplace Business at IECISA.

Virtual Event
Start Date:
22/ April/ 2020   10: 00
End Date:
22/ April/ 2020   13: 30