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Excelencia Operativa: la base de la experiencia de cliente

Conocemos la importancia de la excelencia operativa para toda empresa en proceso de transformación. En IECISA ponemos a su disposición nuestros mejores profesionales.

img Operational Improvement

Focus on productivity, collaboration and customer experience

Through our Operational Improvement Solutions, we adapt leading business management platforms to respond to our customer's business challenges in an interconnected society, using flexible digital processes and without paper. We ensure that day-to-day decision making can take place at the speed expected in the new digital environment, and we can guarantee the stability required by corporate functions. We engage new employees in digital processes, with innovative forms of talent management and enhanced customer experiences.


We apply agile methodologies to software development, in order to achieve the speed that our customers require. We shorten delivery times and minimise the risks to the business arising from developing and operating applications (DevOps). We have achieved certified compliance with international standards, such as CMMI 5 and ISTQB, and a "nearshore" management model based on our own highly specialized facilities, which achieve maximum commitment to efficiency and excellence when delivering services to the customer.



We can re-invent the work-station with a focus on improving productivity and collaboration: Towards a new digital workspace that is independent of its location and devices, though completely connected and communicative. Using environments that are fully virtualized in the cloud, and a design focused on maximum automation and self-service, to secure highly efficient workspaces with respect to their management, maintenance and development.




We can accelerate the digital transformation of business using our experience in Operational Technology (OT), which provides real time infrastructure management and uses the best practices and standards that apply to Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). Our systems are based on open standards that feed advanced analytics, resulting in improved operating costs and a better approach to service quality, as perceived by customers.


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