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Infraestructuras TIC: servicios de Cloud Computing, SDN, seguridad, blockchain

Alineamos tecnología y negocio ofreciéndole los mejores servicios de Infraestructura TIC para acompañarle en su proceso de Transformación Digital.

img ICT Infrastructures

We align technology with the business

As part of our Cloud Computing solutions, we provide mission-critical datacentre services in secure environments and support our customers in their progress towards a new advanced management model. This is based on virtualization, automated services and centralized and intuitive management. We ensure there is sufficient capacity available, either using the customer's datacentre, the IECISA cloud or public clouds, for optimal scalability, thereby securing alignment with the real time requirements of the business.


We provide state-of-the-art communications solutions, such as software defined networks, analytics based wireless/wired networks, multi-tenant IP services in cloud, that are necessary to provide the speed, reliability and quality required by new hybrid-cloud processing environments or by DevOps. 

We provide our own interconnection and management solutions that result in efficient spending, based on our experience as a telecommunications operator since 2006.



We provide our customers with integrated security management for their environments that focuses on mitigating business risks. We integrate the best hardware and software solutions for electronic security, logic and digital surveillance. We use real time biometric capabilities and analysis to detect and prevent vulnerabilities. All these benefits can be procured as a service from our Cyber-Security Operations Centre.


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